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Gerbv is a program which can display, edit, export, and do other manipulation of file formats used in PCB design (RS274X, Excellon drill, and pick-and-place). The core library (libgerbv) is available as a separate library, allowing other software to easily incorporate advanced Gerber functionality.

This code documentation is mainly intended to help explain the libgerbv API to developers wishing to use libgerbv in his/her own projects. The easiest way to learn to use libgerbv is by reading through and compiling the example source files (click on "Examples" in the navigation tree in the left pane, or look in the doc/example-code/ directory in CVS).

For help with using the standalone Gerbv software, please refer to the man page (using the command "man gerbv") or go to the Gerbv homepage for documentation (